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The Birthday Massacre

Walking With Strangers Ltd Edtion Vinyl


Also available:
CD · Walking With Strangers $13.00

"Walking With Strangers" The Birthday Massacre exceeded the expectations of their devoted fan base. TBM remain true to what gained them the praise of fans and music critics alike, while further refining and expanding upon their signature sound. The Birthday Massacre manage to blend gothic, rock and electronic music into a sound that is all their own, and brilliantly original. Ltd Ed. Vinyl

Track List

01. Side A: Kill The Lights
02. Side A: Goodnight
03. Side A: Falling Down
04. Side A: Unfamiliar
05. Side A: Red Star
06. Side A: Looking Glass
07. Side B: Science
08. Side B: Remember Me
09. Side B: To Die For
10. Side B: Walking With Strangers
11. Side B: Weekend
12. Side B: Movie