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The Birthday Massacre

Pins and Needles Ltd Edition Vinyl


Also available:
CD · Pins And Needles $12.98
Digital · Pins And Needles $8.90
Digital · In The Dark video $1.39

LIMITED EDITION VINYL VERSION Combining their interests in various musical and artistic styles, the The Birthday Massacre creates a captivating hybrid of 80's electronica and aggressive guitars, curiously fused with cinematically dark melodic progressions. With the new album entitled Pins And Needles, The Birthday Massacre further refines the unique sound explored on the bands highly acclaimed previous albums: Walking With Strangers, Violet, and the classic debut Nothing and Nowhere. From the opening notes of the lead off track “In The Dark” to the closing chimes of “Secret”, it is evident that Pins And Needles is The Birthday Massacre at its collective best. The interplay of driving guitar and rhythm sections, the captivating vocals, and atmospheric keyboards envelop listener. With Pins And Needles, The Birthday Massacre once again lead us down the rabbit hole, and once again invite us the explore the magical wonderland it has created.

Track List

01. Side A: In The Dark
02. Side A: Always
03. Side A: Pale
04. Side A: Control
05. Side A: Shallow Grave
06. Side A: Sideways
07. Side B: Midnight
08. Side B: Pins and Needles
09. Side B: Two Hearts
10. Side B: Sleep Walking
11. Side B: Secret