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DUBCON (Twilight Circus meets cEvin Key)

UFO pon di gullyside


What happens when legendary electronic musician cEvin Key (Download, Skinny Puppy, PlatEAU) gets together with Ryan Moore, a former member of The Legendary Pink Dots turned acclaimed dub and reggae producer? Some serious Outerspace Dub jams! The duo turned on their interstellar beacon and the incoming transmissions were decoded and recorded in the Hollywood hills at Subconcious Studios. Prepare for the interstellar voyage!

Track List

01. Outerspace
02. Light It Up
03. First Contact
04. Green Fire
05. Zion Cluster
06. Moment In Space
07. Heliosphere
08. Project Sign
09. Dubbrain
10. Farstar
11. UFO pon di gullyside (destination dub)
12. Gone Orbital