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Manifestations of Baba Bazooba

Vienna Woods

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Get ready to take a trip through the mind of Baba Bazooba with the new release Vienna Woods. An imagined history, an alien invasion with chrome sitars, a cautionary tale by way of the Wizard of Oz; Manifestations of Baba Bazooba's third album is sure to walk you through a story of complacency - a cosmic drama on the verge and the ambiguous relationship between heaven and earth. Vienna Woods fills a soundscape of UFO's and time travel for any crackpot, visionary or cloud queen - deliberate and human. Vienna Woods is a homebrew made from potions of dust and memory, a ride through time and space in machines made by hand.

Track List

01. 1947
02. Soul Foundation
03. Musing
04. Scarecrow
05. Watcha Gonna Do
06. Madonna Rihanna Beyonce'
07. Sugar Pie
08. Snakes and Women
09. Dew
10. Rings of Saturn