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Charity Recipients announced for Electronic Saviors 2: Recurrence

November 2 2011

From Jim Semonik:

Hello everyone,

Electronic Saviors 2: Recurrence is now in the final stages of production. The wonderful Da5id Din will start on the huge

undertaking of mastering and Jeff Confer and Samantha Johnson will be starting the artwork and packaging design. It is with great joy that I wish to share the charities with you who we hope will be the beneficiaries of the sales of this wonderful body of work. We have researched many different charities with the help of some of the participating bands on this compilation. It has been decided at this time that Gilda's Club/Cancer Support Community ( and The Bone Marrow Foundation (

is on our wishlist to send the proceeds to.

I want to thank everyone at Metropolis Records for allowing us to make this happen again. This will be a giant 6 disc boxset with 105 artists and 2 additional discs worth of digital tracks for a grand total of 141 tracks total. There will be a standard 6 CD edition, a deluxe digital edition only sold through Metropolis Records' website as well as a premium edition which will include a physical double CD (high quality pressed cdr) of the 37 digital tracks for those that want them. The number of copies will be specified when we guage how in demand these will be. We want this project to be a big success and everyone is working very hard to bring this to you in a way that will move every listener. All I can say is "WOW" when I listen to these tracks. We have a number of brand new tracks, new remixes and some tracks licensed from Europe that have never been on CD in the United States before.

We will keep you all posted with how everything goes with the two selected charities in the coming weeks. The artists involved have really outdone themselves and I am honored to have everyone aboard. We will be announciing the final track list late tomorrow evening here on the website. In the meantime, thank you for all of your support and encouragement during the last year and you guys really kept this project going strong. Take care.

Love, health and respect,

Jim Semonik

Chase Dudley

Jennifer Woodward