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February 14 2011

Fourteen AMAZING entries! Angelspit whittled them down to 5 finalists - each of them were winners in their own right. The winner was picked because it was different, fast and simple.

Angelspit would like to welcome their new member - an American videographer who goes by the pseudonym "The Liar". The Liar is a editor/film butcher who is politically and technologically savvy. Expect to see bandwidth burn!

In the winning entry, "The Liar" twists, spins and destroys FUCK THE REVOLUTION. Don't be fooled into thinking this is just a simple kaleidoscope - each shot has been calculated, edited and placed to produce a spiraling frenzy as the song goes into the blender.
"Film is truth 24 times a second. . . And every cut is a lie." -Jean Luc Godard.
See the winning video here:

Please take the time to view all the entries:

George Maria:
En Tze:
Chris Davis:
Keith Jenson:

Scott Graves:
Carl Cline:
[Explicit Warning] Kristen McFarland:
Frazer Barnard:
Kerry James Devine:


Edward Hippisley-Cox:
Rach Neems:
Joel Davis:
David Vercoe:

Please comment positively on their pages! We want to encourage these people's amazing efforts!!