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Important Update Regarding The Birthday Massacre Fascination Vinyls

July 26 2022

Important update regarding the Fascination vinyls.

hey everyone, it’s Jim at Metropolis Records. I wanted to reach out to everyone and give info on the Fascination LPs.

the regular edition and the Clear splatter vinyls:
are FINALLY shipping from the manufacturers. we should have them in the warehouse by the end of this week, and they should start getting shipped shortly thereafter.

the autographed vinyls:
the autographed vinyls were manufactured, shipped to the band, signed, and sent off to the warehouse.

this is where things get bad.
in transport from there to the warehouse, most of the vinyl jackets were damaged.

so we have had to figure out the best plan of action.
we have already begun the process of getting the vinyl jackets re-printed.
new vinyl jackets are on order.
unfortunately, with the horrible delays in the manufacturing of vinyl and such, the production of the replacement jackets will not even begin until the middle of September. We are not sure how long this will take, but, as you know, even if it is a very rapid manufacturing turnaround, this timeline puts things right in the range of The Birthday Massacre’s upcoming tour.

since we have no concrete dates for when we will be able to get the replacement vinyl jackets done and signed, we are planning to do the following:

Metropolis Records is going to begin shipping the damaged autographed vinyls to you. When we are finally able to get the new jackets and have them signed, we will then ship those to you to replace the damaged ones.
We are really sorry that we don’t have any better options, we are doing our best to work with the band and the manufacturer to get this sorted as quickly as possible.