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XP8 began in 2001 as a trio including previous singer Paul Toohill. Melding an airy blend of EBM, electronica, techno and trance, the band brought their various visions and talents to life with synthetic vibrancy and danceable beats, while crossing electronic genres with relative ease.

After having released their first demo, Forgive, on the now defunct website, and receiving good feedback, XP8 signed a deal with the Polish label Black Flames Records. The demo was reissued in May 2004 as Forgive[n], quickly followed by the RE_Productions EP in October.

A year later, XP8 signed to Infacted Recordings in Germany to release their sophomore effort, Hrs:Min:Sec, which the band considers their real debut. Over the years that followed, XP8 made a name for themselves due to their energetic live performances and their much sought-after remix work.

Their third studio album, The Art Of Revenge, was released in January 2008 and immediately received rave reviews, and was subsequently licensed in North America to Sigsaly Transmission Media and in Russia to Gravitator Records. Summer 2008 saw XP8 undertaking their first US tour with System Syn where they were enthusiastically greeted by rabid fans from New York to Los Angeles and everywhere between.

Pushing forward even harder in 2009, XP8 began working on the eagerly anticipated new album, Drop the Mask. Demos of the new album found their way to Metropolis Records who signed them for North America. Slated for a January 2010 release, Drop The Mask is a further evolution of the band’s sound by showing the duo of Marco Visconti and Marko Resurreccion taking their collective music prowess to new heights. Still present are the subtle hints of the 1980s and early influences, while easily slipping in sounds of the new millennium: glitchy patterns, sharp simulated strings, and clear vocals which travel through bright sequences and brooding atmospheres. It's time to grow real fast... it's time to drop the mask...