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Various Artists - Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music To Cure Cancer

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Cancer has ruined the lives of countless people around the world. Rarely in the international goth/industrial scene does one hear about it. On May 1st, 2008, Jim Semonik, longtime promoter, DJ, and frontman for electro-industrial band Rein[Forced], was diagnosed with stage 2B colorectal cancer. During a rigorous campaign of chemotherapy and radiation, Semonik’s passion for this music did not waver. On June 28th, 2008, 16Volt’s “Denial Highway” Tour came through Pittsburgh courtesy of Jim. It was at this event that Semonik formulated the idea for a compilation that would not only be gargantuan in scale, but in quality as well. Jim asked 16Volt frontman, Eric Powell, to be a part of it. Eric didn’t hesitate and thus Electronic Saviors was born.

When a person is stricken with a disease like cancer, it is important for the individual to not only focus on beating the disease, but have a goal for how to do it. Electronic Saviors is Jim’s way of not only giving back to the medical community that saved his life, but the goth/industrial community that he has so warmly embraced for the better half of his life. It is Jim’s way of crushing cancer once and for all.

In fall/winter of 2008, Semonik lost a portion of his digestive system and had to undergo a grueling program of post op chemotherapy. Jim almost lost his life due to a pancreatic infection from the chemo. This made the compilation of utmost importance. After recovering he began contacting bands throughout the scene that he had worked with and shared a great relationship with. It was not long before bands like Suicide Commando, Assemblage 23, Chemlab, Caustic, and his own band Rein[Forced] would begin to work on all exclusive tracks and mixes for what would become one of the biggest compilations the scene has ever seen.

A grand total of 83 artists came together for this project, and it is with this that Jim wants to donate proceeds to the Center For Cancer Research and Wellness in Harrisburg, PA. Saviors is a monumental 4 CD box-set, packaged nicely in DVD digi-pack format, featuring stunning artwork by Jeff Confer and a 12 page booklet including an essay from Jim and a drop card for a downloadable 5th CD. The content of the compilation covers the widest range of emotions that a cancer patient goes through. It ranges from melancholy moving songs (ThouShaltNot, Bow Ever Down, Encoder) to songs about the medical industry (SMP, Boole) to angry songs of loss (Suicide Commando, Rein[Forced], Acumen Nation) to pure anger and raging dance tracks (Nachtmahr, The Dark Clan, Terrorfakt, Vicious Alliance), as well as, down tempo, ambient and tranquil pieces (Burikusu!!!, The Atomica Project), comedic (The Gothsicles, Caustic) and songs of hope (Interface, SD6 and Assemblage 23).

It has been a long time since the industrial scene has had such a comprehensive representation across all styles on a single compilation. From Chemlab’s sleek and sexy Machine Rock piece “Solar Max” to the EBM attack of Leaether Strip’s “Scalpel Song” to the power noise strike of Noisuf-X’s “White Noise” to the future pop of Imperative Reaction’s exclusive Assemblage 23 mix of “Giving In To The Change,” Saviors delivers on every front for the best cause possible…saving lives struck by cancer. This CD is strictly limited to 2500 pieces and will also be available digitally. Help support the cause, join Jim and become a savior so we can crush this disease once and for all.