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Mainesthai is named after an ancient Greek word meaning "to prey upon" or "to go crazy". It is the word that the name "praying mantis" is derived from.

Mainesthai is also derived from Mentallo and The Fixer, the industrial brainchild of two brothers from Texas: Gary and Dwayne Dassing. Beginning in 1984, Gary and Dwayne began acquiring synthesizers, eventually discovering the sequencer and all its inherent possibilities. They began to experiment with these instruments, and learned recording techniques, with their earliest "samples" coming from tapes rather than electronic equipment.

In 1988, the brothers added vocalist Rich Mendez to their roster, and adopted the name Benestrophe. They made two tapes using only a 12-channel mixer and a $100 stereo TEAC tape deck. Much of these tapes are now available on Benestrophe's Sensory Deprivation CD and Auric Fires (RAS DVA).

Benestrophe ended in 1990 when the Dassings moved to another part of the state, and began their work as Mentallo and the Fixer. An initial limited edition vinyl project, No Rest for the Wicked, was released on Portugal's Simbiose Records, which led to the duo being signed to Zoth Ommog for their next two releases, Revelations 23 and Where Angels Fear to Tread. Subsequent releases include Continuum and Burnt Beyond Recognition. All of Mentallo's releases are available on Metropolis Records.

In 1994, the Dassings joined forces with vocalist Michael Greene to create the trio Mainesthai, releasing Out to Lunch and Mentallo Meets Mainesthai. Although embracing the same harsh complexities as the mother project, Mainesthai was intended to be more melodic and humanistic than Mentallo.

Mike Greene toured with Mentallo and the Fixer in 1996, allowing audiences to see not only Mentallo, but also Mainesthai. For many people, it was their first exposure to the Dassing/Greene combination. It came as no surprise that the tour was met with rave reviews by both critics and audiences alike.

Metropolis Records is proud to have presented North American audiences the music of Mainesthai, Mentallo's alter ego.


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