The voice of Athan Maroulis will always be linked to the seminal Los Angeles based trio Spahn Ranch, a band that pounded the ’90s Industrial scene with a daring mix of electro-flavored Synth Pop fused with a menacing pall of atmospheric Goth. To this day, a number of Spahn Ranch songs like “Vortex” and “Heretic’s Fork” still pack dark dance floors around the globe. In the aftermath of Spahn Ranch, Athan returned to his native New York City where he took a decade-long break from performing, and instead produced countless reissues of 1930s and 1940s jazz and blues music while working behind the scenes advising a number of varied Darkwave bands. In those years, Athan occasionally appeared as a guest on albums by Razed in Black and Black Tape for a Blue Girl. He joined the latter officially in 2009, cutting an album while also completing tours both here and abroad, highlighted by a packed show at the Leipzig Opera House during the 2011 Wave-Gotik-Treffen Festival.

While on hiatus from Black Tape for a Blue Girl, Athan conceptualized NOIR as a project where his Industrial and Gothic past would walk the wire between retro and futuristic sounds, brought into a moody electronic present by synth-laced hooks meshed with elements of dance, dark ambient and touches of glitch-induced EBM. The result was the 2013 critically acclaimed release Darkly Near, an album influenced by an idealized black-and-white perception of New York City, where yesteryear’s views of tomorrow are pressed against the machinery of today. Side Line Music Magazine said that, "Noir probably stands for the most intimate electro project Athan Maroulis has ever been involved with. It all sounds like revealing his deepest inner thoughts transposed into electronic grace, musical poetry and simply finesse." While FEARnet stated that Darkly Near "moves NOIR to the front of the dark electro-pop pack, with a mature refinement that places the band in a class by itself." Adding live members Demetra Songs and Kai Irina Hahn to the fold, NOIR supported the album with shows in Boston, Washington D.C., Pittsburgh and innumerable performances in their home of New York City while also completing a video for the song "My Dear."

NOIR's latest release RE:MIT:TENT offers 20 remixes of key tracks from Darkly Near featuring a diverse list of names from the electronic music field including ManMadeMan, Assemblage 23, Dead Voices On Air, Ludovico Technique, Decoded Feedback and many others. Look for a new video for "Timephase" that features a progressive remix by PBK & Artemis K and was edited by Artemis K from obscure silent film footage from the 1920s.

DARKLY NEAR · MET 892D· buy Digital
1. My Dear 2. The Bells 3. The Grifter 4. A Forest 5. The Voyeurs 6. The Tragics 7. Timephase 8. When The Rains Came 9. The Satin Box 10. In Every Dream Home A Heartache
1. My Dear 2. The Bells 3. The Grifter 4. A Forest 5. The Voyeurs 6. The Tragics 7. Timephase 8. When The Rains Came 9. The Satin Box 10. In Every Dream Home A Heartache
MY DEAR (DIGITAL ONLY) · MET 835D· buy Digital
1. My Dear 2. A Forest 3. My Dear (Assemblage 23 Remix) 4. My Dear (Ego Likeness Remix) 5. My Dear (ManMadeMan Remix) 6. My Dear (Lust Murder Box & DJ Void Remix)
RE:MIT:TENT · MET 954D· buy Digital
1. A Forest (ManMadeMan Remix) 2. Timephase (Nick Brennan Remix) 3. The Bells (Interface Remix) 4. My Dear (Assemblage 23 Remix) 5. My Dear (Ego Likeness Remix) 6. The Bells (Deadliner Remix) 7. The Bells (Lemurr Remix) 8. The Bells (Souless Affection Remix) 9. Timephase (Inertia: The Third Man Remix) 10. Timephase (Asylum Black Remix) 11. Timephase (Ludovico Technique Remix) 12. The Bells (Decoded Feedback Remix) 13. Timephase (Anti-Mechanism Remix) 14. Timephase (Die Sektor Remix) 15. The Tragics (Amphetamine Virus Remix) 16. In Every Dream Home A Heartache (Displacer Remix) 17. The Voyeurs (Metrognome vs Falcotronik Remix) 18. The Voyeurs (Dead Voices On Air Remix) 19. The Voyuers (Black Tape for a Blue Girl Remix) 20. Timephase (PBK & Artemis K Remix)